Make Your Wedding Day Easier With Tips From The Professionals

wedding tips professionals

Weddings are overwhelming, they always have been, and they always will, but what if you could follow a few simple hacks to make your day just that little bit easier?

We have put together some of our favourite tips to make your planning and day so much easier!


Every wedding the bride will have her shoes off by the time she is in the reception because those big painful blisters decided to make an appearance. Why not break them in well before the wedding day, doing housework? Just wear your shoes for 10-20 minutes a week around the house. Stressing about the smell when you take them off, put a pinch of talcum powder in the soles of your feet to have you smelling fresh all day and night.


Everyone has seen the super cute robes all the brides and bridesmaids wear when getting ready. They are not only comfy, but a lifesaver from messing up your hair and makeup when getting dressed. Wearing something that needs to be pulled over your head is a disaster waiting to happen! Don’t feel like doing the robes have no fear as a button-down shirt will also do the same job.

bridesmaids robes


When I speak with brides at the beginning of the wedding, they say how hungry and thirsty they are because they have been running around all day. Breakfast is a big YES; it will fuel you up for the day and help when you have your first glass of champagne while getting ready. Feeling bloated because you had a massive meal the night before? Mint tea is your best friend not only will it remove the indigestion it will have you feeling calmer.


Pack yourself an emergency essential kit, who knows what may happen on your wedding day, but you will most likely find use of those items in your kit. Some of the items could include deodorant, body tape, a snack, touch ups for makeup and even Panadol. One good item to have on hand is a baby wipe they are your go to for stain removal and getting rid of those common makeup and food stains.

wedding day survival kit

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