How To Pick The Right Flowers For Your Wedding


flowers brisbane weddingsStuck on where to start picking the right flowers for your special day? The team at Pacific Cleveland have some tips to help you get started.

Australia offers some of the world’s oldest and highest number of flowers offering marvellous beauty and strength.  They say Australia is unpolluted and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy. So, would you rather buy from your local florist in purchasing what nature has to offer or look at external sources? If so, what would you need to consider ensuring you have made the perfect decision? The tips below will put you in the right direction.


Before even meeting with the professionals back yourself up with designs found on social media, internet or even inspiration from previous events you have attended. Pinterest a free platform for anyone to use is great for finding ideas and even using the hashtag #weddingflowers on Instagram will bring up 1000’s of photos to look through.

Finding such sources will help describe your vision to the florist. It is also recommended that learning the names of the flowers and basic terminology will educate you more and make the meeting with the florist 10 times easier.


You need to consider everything when picking your flowers especially the colours and theme of the wedding. Picking bright purple and yellow roses because you love them against a light green and misty theme will clash and ultimately leave your wedding looking like a wild festival rather than a celebration of love.

A great tip is to gather swatches of your colouring and put them together with the flowers you like, piecing everything together to get a visual look before making the purchase you may regret. Do you really want to look back on your wedding photos and have regrets on your flower arrangements?  

wedding flowers brisbane


We have all been there. Being set on that one ideal item, knowing exactly what we want, and nothing will change our mind. Yes, it happens, but with flowers you need to be flexible. Having an open mind walking into the florist meeting will have you leaving with a smile and possibly the final decision of your bouquets and table settings.

Having a fixed mind results in disaster and challenge for both sides of the party. Allowing the florist to make suggestions and voice their opinion is a blessing and something you will not want to throw away.


Decided to support local and meet with some of Redlands best florists then we have the suggestions for you Redlands Florist, Redlands Fresh Flowers and The Flower Farm Brisbane will all endeavour to make your perfect day magical offering you the freshest and finest flowers.

Need help kick starting your special day? Pacific Resort is a fully qualified venue assigned with a qualified Events Manager offering our services in the Redlands, priding ourselves with high organisation and quality work. Contact us today to get your free quotation or book in a site visit.

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