Pros and Cons To Help You Decide Which Months To Get Married In


You’ve started the wedding planning and now your first decision to make is when? Deciding on a specific month is one of the most important decisions as you want to make sure the date you pick is the perfect weather for your indoor or outdoor event. It will also influence the dress you wear, the decorations you pick and sometimes even the food!

To help you with the decision we have come up with the positives and negatives of each month so you can sit down and work out what you want to ensure your day is as perfect as you dreamed.


One of the most popular seasons to get married in as the temperatures are mild and there is the balance between the hot and cold temperatures. Autumn is full of ever-changing colours from trees and parks and is more suited for an outdoor style wedding.


  • Temperatures are cosy, meaning there will be no sweat or shakes
  • Lighting always works in our favour
  • There seems to be a higher rate of sunsets
  • New colours always available to tie in with your wedding photos and decorations


  • Rain can be more frequent compared to other seasons
  • As Autumn has shown to be the most popular season it can be more difficult to book your favourite vendor
  • Public holidays are more frequent, meaning guests you want to invite could already have made other plansAUTUMN WEDDING


Even though it is the coldest months of the year, there are many opportunities for you to have the perfect wedding!


  • Long sleeve wedding dresses
  • More red wine
  • Bonfires and country style weddings
  • Increase venue availability, perfect if you don’t want to have to fuss around with dates
  • Possible discounted rates as winter is considered the “off-season”


  • Cold weather isn’t for everyone
  • Less floral options due to them not being in season to grow
  • Have to start the day earlier due to it getting darker earlierWINTER WEDDING


Spring is our favourite season of the year but comes in close with Autumn. Temperatures are right, flowers are blooming, and people are happy to be coming out of winter.


  • Mild temperatures making the weather comfortable for all
  • Outdoor venues and ceremonies are in their perfect element
  • Heaps of menu choices as all different foods are in season


  • Another peak season so getting your date can be difficult if not arranged early
  • Evenings can be quite cold, so remember to cater for that
  • If your heading to a public location for photo shoots remember there could be other bridal parties also getting photos done SPRING WEDDING


If you like the warmer temperatures, then these are the months for you.


  • Heaps of florals to choose from
  • Hot evenings meaning you don’t need to rug up at night
  • Heaps of sunshine and lighter later at night
  • Perfect for hosting a beach wedding


  • People get hot and sweaty especially wearing suits
  • Light can be harsher for photos, as it is so bright in the middle of the day
  • Hair and makeup with deteriorate a lot quicker
  • Flowers will weaken quicker in the heatSUMMER WEDDING

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