How To Choose Your Wedding Venue


Finally engaged or have a feeling it’s happening soon? Congratulations! You are about to have one of the best days of your life. Weddings are the perfect time to gather those you love from close and far to have one massive party. So you’ll need to find the perfect venue to host the celebrations? Lucky for you we have prepared some tips to help you with one of the hardest decisions!


Think about where you want to get married indoors, outdoors, overseas, local or another region? Think about all the in between costs that not only you but your guest will occur such as accommodation, how far will they travel and how much overall will they be spending and if they will be willing to do so.

Make sure if you are travelling where some will need accommodation check with the venue if they have enough beds to accommodate your guests and if not maybe look at alternative dates. However, consider that if you decide to be more remote the smaller the range of local wedding suppliers will be.


Have you picked a budget? There is an endless amount of venues to pick from and some will be more attractive than others however, the reality at the end of the day is that it may be way out of your budget.

Before you go venue looking, have a budget in mind of how much you were willing to spend so you don’t fall in love with a venue before knowing the price exceeds your limit. It will also help narrow down your decisions of picking the venue.


Before booking the venue, find out what they can offer to you. Find out if they will provide you with tables, chairs, cutlery, linen. Most venues will, but some will add on additional costs for a dance floor, glasses, centrepieces etc. Having it all included in one will save you from having to hire all equipment for your special day. Check if alcohol service is allowed in the venue, many require permits that the bride and groom have to supply while others will already have their licence.

One of the most important we believe is if there is in house catering. Whether you’re serving a three-course meal or canapes you will need to know if they can be organised onsite or if it that is an external cost to you.



So, you decided on an outdoor reception – how beautiful! But what happens if the weather decides to go the other way? Find out from your venue holder whether they offer any wet weather options. Most venues will have a backup room that your reception can be moved to however in some places they will ask you to organise your own marquee or a backup.

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